Sienna Green - Why Don't You Drink Alcohol?

A very welcomed addition to the Sober On A Drunk Planet Family – Sienna Green and her writing style will have you in hysterics around a much-stigmatised subject – giving up alcohol. Sienna is a thirty-something Aussie actress turned freelance writer who now lives in Los Angeles. 

Having got sober at the age of 29, after being the binge drinking goddess of Bondi for over 10 years, she finally had enough of being substandard (in every area of her life) and got sober.

The 101 Sober Survival Guide Series will help empower you to own you sobriety and become the person you were always meant to be – while having some fun along the way! 

Sienna protects her anonymity from the press because of her association with a little club that gets together over substandard coffee and weird little biscuits each week. That club has also been a part of her journey that has enabled her to stay sober for over 7 years now. Sienna recognises that recovery is different for everyone, and her style of writing is motivational with lots of humor added in for good measure – we hope you love her books as much as we do!

Sienna Green why don't you drink alcohol

Why Don't You Drink Alcohol?

101 Ways To Say I Quit Drinking Alcohol Without It Being Awkward (Sort Of)

If you have ever been asked, Why Don’t You Drink Alcohol? you will likely understand the strange looks, the assumptions and the alienation you get from not wanting to drink liquid poison! And even sometimes, we are made to feel awkward about it – like we are the nutters who want to turn up, remember everything and not feel like death for the rest of the week!

Enough is enough – if you want a short read of 101 Ways To Say I Quit Drinking Alcohol Without It Being Awkward (Sort Of), then you have found the right book to give you all the confidence and motivation you need to say I don’t drink with unwavering confidence.

Step into your sobriety and own it! If you want to be epic in your sobriety, buy the book using the button below.

Why Don't You Drink Alcohol?

101 Reasons Why You Need To Give Up Alcohol So You Can Start Being Epic Again

If you are unsure whether alcohol is serving you or hindering you in life – read this book.

You will laugh, cry and potentially be put off alcohol ever again. Great for those sober curious who is on the fence and questioning whether you think you might have a problem or not – maybe that’s the wrong question to ask yourself – maybe it’s whether you want a better life or not you should be asking yourself.

Sienna delivers humor with raw truth and sprinkles of experience in this truly entertaining yet unexpected book of truths about alcohol.

Get this on pre-order today by clicking the button below.

Sienna Green why don't you drink alcohol