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How to tell your friends you’re sober – 3 Top Tips


Telling your friends and family you’ve stopped drinking can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are three tips on how to do it without making things weird.

If you’ve recently decided to become sober, congratulations—you have taken a big step towards improving your life. It can be hard to tell your friends that you’re no longer drinking, but if you handle it with grace and humor, they will likely be supportive and understanding. Here are three tips on how to tell your friends that you’re sober without making it awkward.


Tip #1 Be Honest and Open About Your Decision – The friends that mind don’t matter and the friends that don’t mind, matter!

When talking to your friends about being sober, it is important that you be honest and open about why you made the decision. Explain that for whatever reason, drinking was no longer for you – whether it was because of health concerns or simply because alcohol has lost its appeal. Let them know that you still want to hang out with them and do all the same activities (just without the alcohol). Being open about why you chose to become sober will help them understand what motivated your decision.

It’s your decision, so own it – you are becoming a beautiful butterfly so spread those sober wings and fly 🙂


Tip #2 Bring Some Humor Into It

Humor can help make any situation more comfortable – so don’t be afraid to bring some lightheartedness into the conversation when telling your friends about being sober. You could try saying something like “I figured I should start playing by the rules now that I’m officially an adult!” Or if they ask what else there is besides alcohol when out at bars or parties, just joke around by saying “Well, there’s this drink that you can have that doesn’t leave you with a hangover – water!” Humor is a great way to show that becoming sober doesn’t have to mean losing out on all of life’s fun activities—it just means doing them differently and being a bad ass.

Tip #3 Prepare For Questions

Your friends may have lots of questions when they hear your news – such as “What are we going to do instead of going out for drinks?” or “Are we still going on our trip even though you don’t drink?” It’s best to be prepared for these questions so that there is no awkwardness during the conversation.

Make a list of alternative activities that can take place in lieu of drinking, like karaoke night or an outdoor adventure day. This way, everyone is included in the fun! If you find your friends can’t do an activity without drinking – it’s a great time to send them this book so they can re-evaluate their life and stop being so drunk all the time (we’ve all been there!).



Becoming sober isn’t an easy process—but it doesn’t have to be awkward either! Telling your friends about this change in lifestyle can be done gracefully with a bit of humor thrown in. By being honest and open about why you chose sobriety, having answers ready for their questions, and bringing some lightheartedness into the conversation, telling your friends about being sober won’t feel as intimidating as it might seem at first glance.

Best of luck on this new journey and remember – you’re a butterfly now and not an embarrassing drunk – so own your sobriety and thrive!


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