Things to doWhat can I do instead of drinking alcohol

What can I do instead of drinking alcohol | 57 alcohol-free activities


Sometimes a list is all the inspiration you need! If you are feeling really brave, why not try all of them:


1. Go for a walk

2. Take up a new hobby

3. Go to the theatre

4. Join a book club

5. Attend an art class

6. Call or video chat with friends and family

7. Take a cooking class

8. Start a journaling practice

9. Organize your home or workspace

10. Read a book

11. Listen to music

12. Watch movies or shows on streaming services

13. Play board games with family or friends

14. Do yoga or meditation at home

15. Try new recipes in the kitchen

16. Take nature walks, hikes, or scenic drives

17. Invest in some plants and tend to them regularly

18. Start a blog on topics of interest

19. Listen to podcasts for entertainment, education, and inspiration

20. Learn about different cultures through travel documentaries and books 21. Do charity work in your local community

22. Practice self-care activities such as massages and facials

23. Shop online for gifts for friends and family

24. Volunteer at an animal shelter or charity organization

25. Check out virtual events in your area

26. Visit museums from the comfort of your own home

27. Take online classes in any subject

28. Make art like painting, sketching, drawing, etc

29. Update your resume and find career opportunities

30. Do puzzles like crosswords, Sudoku, jigsaw puzzles etc

31. Play an instrument

32. Take part in virtual trivia nights

33. Write poems or short stories

34. Design clothes using fabric scraps

35. Attend virtual concerts

36. Complete household projects such as fixing furniture

37. Engage in mindfulness practices

38. Plant flowers or herbs

39. Learn calligraphy

40. Tour gardens from around the world

41. Exercise regularly

42. Watch educational videos

43. Join online support groups

44. Research topics of interest

45. Have movie marathons

46. Create digital scrapbooks

47. Compose music

48. Make old-fashioned photo albums

49. Paint rocks

50. Collect coins

51. Host virtual game nights

52. Put together jigsaw puzzles

53. Decorate cookies

54. Participate in DIY workshops

55. Play golf – get started, get back into it or play more!

56. Give yourself occasional spa days

57. Bake something delicious


That’s 57 things you can do other than drink alcohol! Plus they won’t give you a hangover that you will regret for days on end.

Sobriety is for a living – go spread those wings and thrive!